Por Oaxaca

Oaxaca 8 copy

Oaxaca 9

Curated by Catalina Barroso-Luque

Phil Lique, Kevin Van Aelst, Isabelle Gressel, Ivan Mendez Vela, Panachai Chaijiratat, Maria Lara Whelpley, Susan McCaslin, Martin Roberts, Justin Rodier, and Sophie Aston


Por Oaxaca is a record of responses to two seemingly straightforward photographs I took in Oaxaca, Mexico, and then sent to a selection of local (US) and international artists.

The diversity of work stemming from the same image brings out issues of cultural tourism, analog vs. digital technology, image-media mediation over our engagement with reality, cultural aesthetics, and the prevalence of a western hegemony over contemporary artistic production.


The Institute Library
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New Haven, CT